Alliance for Workforce Development Inc. (AFWD) provides Job Readiness classes for individuals that are on probation and/or residing in Tri-Counties Treatment. AFWD works closely with Butte County Probation to assist in getting the participants the necessary skills that they may need to obtain full-time employment.
Many of the participants lack work experience or have large gaps in work history. Some do not have a high school diploma or GED. Having these barriers to employment can increase their risk of reoffending. With the help of the Job Readiness class, the participants learn many ways to work through their barriers and increase their hiring potential. Resiliency and adaptability skills are a large portion of the curriculum in the class. The goal is to help teach them strategies to continue to excel and not re-offend.
The Job Readiness class assists with focusing on realistic, achievable goals. Participants learn about “soft skills”—the social and communication traits needed to be successful members of the working community. They are given an opportunity to learn how to navigate the job market, and how they can increase their potential as workers.
Through the weeklong class, they complete a master application, resume, and cover letter. They also take career assessments and compile a list of future goals. They have an opportunity to dress for success and complete a mock interview. These opportunities help them come out of the class with tools they can utilize for a productive future.

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